QRP AField 2001

Steve Yates - AA5TB


Last Update: January 27, 2010

A good time was had at QRP AField on Saturday, September 15, 2001. We setup at pavilion #19 in a secluded area of LMRA and had plenty of tall trees for antennas. The pavilion was well lit and it was hoped that it would keep us dry in case it rained. Luckily, the weather held out for us. We arrived about 2:00 PM and left a little after 9:00 PM.

This is a low-key contest in which QRP operators "head for the hills" to operate their QRP gear in the field. Many of the other contestants operate from mountains tops, boats, special events, backyards, etc.

We had three separate stations operating - 20m CW (AA5TB), 20m PSK-31 (W5SJZ), and 80m PSK-31 (W5TCD). The antennas used were a 20m vertical end fed half wave, a 20m horizontal dipole, and a full-size 80m horizontal dipole. No records were broken but we had good success with all three stations, including QSO's with Antarctica on 20m PSK-31 and Finland on 20m CW. Thanks to Jim (WM5L) and Randy (K5MW), Tommy (W5TCD) was able to make his first QSO on 80m with his PSK-80 Warbler rig that he built himself.

Those in attendance were as follows:

Thanks to all who came out! Given the events of the past week it was a wonder that anyone showed up but it did help get our minds off things for a while.

A note for the operators: Information on turning in your logs can be found at 2001 QRP AFIELD.

Larry (K5PHD) and Tommy (W5TCD) constructing the 80m dipole antenna.

Bill (W5WJP) and Charles (KD5MHC) operating the PSK-31 20m station.

Tommy (W5TCD) preparing the water bottle to launch his 80m dipole.

DJ (AD5EB) listening for the weak ones on the 20m CW station.